Why Should We Learn to Code?

Create Digital Solutions With Coding to Empower Us.

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Find a Job As a Developer at a Corporate Company

The reason most people learn coding is to look for a job as a developer. Besides the monthly salary from your job, you would be feeling super grateful for the coding skills and the problem-solving skills you have picked up throughout your career. Consciously striving to grow as a developer is very important. Don’t stop learning from your work. Another important awareness is that, besides building products for a company, you, as the coder, are fully in control of building amazing products for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for the community, and for many people who are in need.

Knowing How to Code Empowers Your Life by Solving your own problems

If you know how to code, you could make your life, regardless of student life or professional life, much easier. During my Ph.D., there were quite a few colleagues asked me about some basics of data analysis. In the beginning, I explained to each of them piece by piece. Then I wondered why not put all of my knowledge about data analysis on a website to allow them access easily. So, I learned to build a simple website using WordPress CMS and kept updating the posts on the website. Another realistic example would be building a portfolio website to prepare for your job application as a developer. The interviewer could just look through my website to see what kinds of coding projects I have gone through. Otherwise, if I only have a resume as everybody does, I have to explain to the interviewer what projects I have done, how the app works, and what does the app look like? And what tech stack is used to build it. And such a portfolio website is especially useful for a self-taught developer. Without an academic CS degree, a good “interactive” portfolio website would help you stand out.

Build a Product (Solution) to Solve Others' Problems

Have an idea and build upon it over your weekend if you are a student or a full-time job employee, such as building your own digital products such as web apps, mobile apps, and other digital solutions. Furthermore, you could build a startup business out of a product you never built before, or run a software service business.

Knowing How to Code Opens Your Mind to Ideas You Wouldn’t Have Had Before

When many people complain about the expensive food nearby the office, you, with coding knowledge, would think in a different way: I can build a website to connect the cheap food takeaways to the workers in the office building. When many people complain about the boring and repetitive tasks at work, and believe the job sucks, not fulfilling their talents. You would then think that, well, I should build a tool to automate certain tasks in order to relieve me from those repetitive tasks with no integration of human intelligence. As a coder, you tend to think creatively and figure out a solution to solve a problem or a pain rather than complaining about it. In some sense, knowing how to code shapes your thinking process and enhances your intelligence as a human being.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading. Happy coding every day!

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