Reflection in 2021

The new year is coming this week, now is the time to reflect on everything happened in my life in 2021.

9 Powerful Reflection Questions for 2021

Here are 9 questions mentioned in Jay Shetty’s podcast (On Purpose with Jay Shetty: 9 Powerful Reflection Questions for 2021) to help us reflect on the past, to show up as our best self in the future. The follows are my personal reflection in 2021:

Question #1: What made me feel most happy this year?

A significant improvement on my body with workouts.

Question #2: What made you unhappy this year?

Parents’ negative judgmental words. They hurt my emotions.

Question #3: What was the biggest lesson you learnt this past year?

Don’t waste energy on the wrong people and wrong things. Focus on the most valuable things of my life. Clarify my own values.

Question #4: What do you wish you would have done more of this year?

I wish I would have worked more on business project. Start initiative to build passive incomes.

Question #5: What’s something you want to do less of next year?

Don’t blame myself too much. Learn from the mistakes I made. Pay much less attention to those negative people even though they are very close to you. Let them reflect on their own.

Question #6: What was your biggest success this year?

Have involved two friends in our startup business company ( Just a domain name now. We will launch the company’s website at the early year of 2022.

Question #7: When was a moment you failed this year?

The moment that I wasted my time on the wrong person. I always allow the people to talk about me negatively. It’s time to let go, and admire myself.

Question #8: What is something you want to learn next year?

Doing business and building multiple streams of passive incomes because

  • I need to purchase my own apartment in Shanghai with two core functionalities: welcome my best friends visiting me in China; a place to produce content.
  • I want to contribute something valuable to my two old bros lives.

Question #9: What is your favourite way to refuel?

Traveling with best friends because

  • I enjoying the time spent with my best friends. We understand each other, we are honest to each other, we share the insightful moments together.
  • Refresh myself by locating in a different place.
  • Make a video about the traveling journey is also fun.

Achievements in 2021

  • Made a significant body transformation within one year
  • Established a new diet lifestyle
  • Built personal blog website

Initiatives in 2021

  • Started writing on a weekly basis (morning writing routine)
  • Started the startup business off the ground & finished prototype v1, with our co-founders
  • Started a eBook concept


The gratitudes I have for my two old bros

Eric, my first old bro, the kindest bro in the world, who consistently encourages me to enjoy my life and do what I like. Without him, Without my big bro, I was probably stuck in my hometown doing a job I didn’t enjoy, marring to a guy I didn’t love. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my 8-year life in Netherlands.

I had dreamed about going abroad since my university. I wanted to see and learn the world outside China. I wanted to speak good English as close to native as possible by immersing myself into the western environment. Eventually I made it. I’ll never forget the words my old brother told me, ‘if you really want to study abroad, I’ll support you financially unconditionally. But if you give up this chance, please don’t feel regret about it in the future.’ His encouraging words help me navigate through the negative comments from other people, free myself from the ‘sin’ forced upon by other people.

Jack, my second old bro, spends many many hours talking to me, and shares tons of his experiences honestly with me. He is better than my own personal trainers. He motivates me to ignore parents’ negative remarks, stick to my own happiness and the meaningful life I’m pursuing.

I do want to do something to show my deep gratitude to them. Don’t waste every day doing nothing more than complaining, but hustle every day! I know they will feel very proud if I live a life with clarification of my values and purpose. It’s my core value to become awesome to contribute to this world! I am so lucky to have them in my life.

Focus on the valuable outputs with a Monk Mind

  • Concentrating on the process (the road trip)
  • Put 100% efforts
  • Stop running in a monkey mind mode

Multitasking strategy

My current daily schedule:

Multitasking is achievable when we properly allocate our time and efforts to different tasks. Here are what I have learnt:

1. Focus on one thing at one time. Be present.

2. batching tasks at a certain period of time.

Friends, what are you reflections in 2021?



Software Developer | Ph.D. in Medicine

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