How Did I Publish My First Skillshare Class? Rejections and Final Success

Learn to publish your own Skillshare Class.

Coming from a background which is totally different from computer science, I have gone through the journey of learning to code and finally become a professional software developer. Such transformation journey is one of my best experiences in my life. I want to share my story and also try to help other people like me to become a self-taught developer. With such obsession, . And creating online classes is one of those min projects.

Yet the journey of creating online class especially the first one on Skillshare is mixed with ‘sweat’ (long hours of scripting, filming, and editing) and several ‘attempts’ after continually receiving two rejections. Because of the struggling moments of making and releasing class, I just want to share the experience with you which might be helpful if you are also interested in creating their Skillshare class in the future or you are already in the middle of process.

Two rejections before success

The first rejection letter provided me with two rejection reasons:

  • The audio was not clear due to background crackling.
  • The project included inside my class doesn’t require the students to apply the skills they’ve learnt in the class to complete the project.

Then I spent another week to create a coding tutorial, so to speak, for the project introduced in my class.

Edited my class videos…

For the audio issue, instead of remaking the corresponding videos, I only tried using the Equalizer and Compressor inside FCX to adjust the audio.

After these new changes, I re-published my class. But then, bad luck, my class was closed again by Skillshare. Here is the second rejection letter:

But the thing is the Skillshare support team are amazing. They are just trying to make sure all the classes created by creators are meeting the Class Guidelines. So, I should take it as a good lesson to become a qualified class creator on Skillshare. Luckily, without giving up the idea of publishing my class, I remade all the videos which had audio issue. After two revisions and adjustments, my first Skillshare Class is finally open to public. Highly appreciate the help from Skillshare’s supporting team.

The lessons I have learnt by creating my first Skillshare class

What I have learnt from this experience might be helpful for you if you plan on publishing class on Skillshare.

  • Check the teacher guideline before making your class videos.
  • Make sure you have designed your class around a project that your students can implement what they learn from the class to build the project.
  • Sending an email to the Skillshare teacher service before making your class public on your own simply because they told me my account will be shut down if I got three rejections (three-time violation of Class Guidance) within six months. So, be aware of that. Normally you will get the reply from Skillshare support team member the next day. Getting good feedback from them is always a good idea to improve your class.


The first step is the hardest. I hope this post could be helpful for your own online class. Different teaching platform has different criteria, but the principle is similar — make sure both the video and content are good enough to reach some audience because we need to provide good service to our future audience. Thanks for reading this post. If interested, you could subscribe to the updates of my Skillshare projects via .



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