[startup experience #1] Conscious of time | draft an eBook & create app prototypes within one month

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Jan 31, 2022, I left my job, becoming a jobless person. What have I learnt? How would I make a living? Am I enjoying what now?



When I was still an employee, like everybody else, going to work from Monday to Friday become my habit. This habit automates my daily life: wake up at 7 o’clock, ride subway for one hour to office, leave office at 6pm, go to gym, and come to home at 11pm. But there is obvious consequence about such automation.

A habit automates things for us by avoiding the life fractions about making new decisions, but as we become comfortable with such automation, we are not sensitive to the feedbacks and stop thinking about how to do it better. — Atomic Habits by James Clear

Interestingly, I didn’t realize the fact that I’m on autopilot without any awareness about my life until I quit my job.

Yes, spending 8 hours at work and 2 hours in commuting five days a week, sometimes, six days a week has made me unconscious with these time. Everything was on the autopilot. I didn’t even have to figure out what projects should I do or what tasks should I take on as I was told to do what. My manager didn’t need my any idea or thought. Just finish the task. Well, I did have to figure out a better solution to a specific task, but that didn’t mean I made any improvement to my life in general. I was just repeating working on similar tasks using similar skills, no clear picture about the value I contributed to the company. Nothing changed every single day. I even deeply believed that that’s what I supposed to live in this world — repeat the same day for many years until retirement. Therefore, there seems no point to be conscious with the time because those hours are not belonging to me. So on and so forth. Especially I didn’t feel any fulfillment from my job. Instead, I became numb as time passed on. I tried to find a better way to honour my time. Well, I made up my decision — go all in a my personal projects.

During the past month, I’ve learnt that time flies faster than my old self felt. And I start recovering consciousness about my time. I have become more conscious with myself and my time, and more sensitive to the feedbacks from daily activities. So happy for what I am now.


Because of my awareness of the time, I started to experiment with my time for the last one month: reading & writing in the morning, and working on startup project in the afternoon until evening. Here are something I have done in the past month.


I always want to share more detail about my personal experience about learning to coding and shifting my career from medicine to IT industry because that experience might be inspiring some people to learn to code, to change their life. Making videos (show my previous videos) and writing blogs (show my blog site) are good, but I want to combine all of them into one condensed piece, and eBook becomes my favourite choice. The working experiences I have gained from my last two jobs prepare me tons of materials for this book.

It’s not perfect. But I would like to release this eBook this month in order to get quick feedbacks. Awareness of the future improvements enables me to keep making improvements on this eBook.


One month before leaving my job, I have already started working on a design of an app which helps personal trainers manage their students’s progress in a better way. And the second one is about helping readers develop good reading habits. From my personal experience, doing a startup is an amazing experience because it requires way more skills than my previous job. I need to more patient, more disciplined, more motivated, more decided, etc.. There are still a lot I need to learn along the journey. Keep challenging myself feels great. No one told me what to do and what path should I take. Thankfully, two friends have joined this startup project, and their contributions are quite valuable. Once our MVP is released, I will share with you the app detail in future videos.

An app to help body personal trainers manage their students’ progress data.
An app to help readers build good reading habits to get real benefits from what we are reading.


I want to conclude this video by saying that I’m very lucky to have such consciousness about my time and my life. It feels a new discovery of myself. Well, I am not in any position to provide advice on other people’s path, but knowing what you want for your life and taking immediate actions are important. Just don’t let other people force you to do what they want. As long as you know what are you doing at this moment and you feel peaceful about your life, then you’re good.

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