How to Feel Comfortable About Cutting Down Sugary Foods From Our Diet?

We actually can get rid of obsession with sugar but still very happy.

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  • Evolution
  • Dopamine “hits” from eating sugar

Training ourselves to ‘dislike’ sugary food

Since the great of potential of ‘addiction’ to sugar, it must take concerted efforts and linear amount of time to rebuild a habit — avoiding or cutting down sugar in our diet. We need to train ourselves to get used to this new lifestyle. Sugar can rewire our brain. We also can train our body, emotion, and feeling to dislike sugary foods. It’s easy to find tons of articles or videos talking about removing sugar from diet. But not really hit the point that how to change people’s emotion and feeling towards the sugar. If we only understand why too much sugar is bad for body, so we need to cut down sugar. But the thing is we are still strongly desired for sugar, at least, preferably finding sugar very pleasure. Can’t we rewire our brain to ‘dislike’ sugary food? Without any change of such ‘addiction’, the newly-built habit of avoiding too much sugary foods might not last very long.

My strategy to ‘forget’ the obsession with sugary foods

Step 1: Make clarification of life purpose

Who you want to be? What kind of life do you pursue to live?

Step 2: Integrate healthy habits into your life

Once you make a clarification about your life intention, then it’s followed by the daily habits and activities you’re engaged with in your life.

Don’t worry about missing the happiness from consuming sugary foods

‘Sweet’ buy the ‘happiness’ according to many people’s experiences which are also the reason to fall in love with the sugar. Even thought it does provides us ‘happy’ moment, but very short. Is there someway to constantly making us happy in a healthy way? Yes, of course. …..

Start a new life style and enjoy our better life!



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